About Us

Company that transforms oridinary into UNIQUE!

We are a small company with headquarters in Osijek, Croatia (Osijek-Baranja County). Its written „we“ beacause the company is made of people who are highly committed to their work. We dont have hierarchy (boss, manager etc..) We are all the same and equal. Our main business core is to offer our clients wide spectar of vinyl coverings that is cost effective and it have wide purpose ie vinyl can be placed on the walls, glass, wood, metal, plastic, cars, boats etc. We consider ourselfs unique on the market, because when we have a project, we take lots of different views on it, and it makes that so much easier because of different age point of view.

We have a lot of experience in different kind of projects which makes us ideal for bigger or smaller project. No matter that we are small, on todays unstable market condition, we have a long list of partners that we trust and that we know they work, thats how we stay liquid and thats how we are not afraid of big projects. In any time we have high quality and certified workers. Every project that we made until this moment was different and unique, and thats why our slogan is Company that transforms ordinary into UNIQUE!